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Bicycle Care Set Sonax

ruff-care sonax-care-set


£ 26.20 each
Brand: Sonax - Bike Care

Bike Cleaner Sonax:Thoroughly removes even the most stubborn stains from bikes. Protects against corrosion when applied regularly. Ideal for cleaning chains and chainrings. Compatible with materials.Content: 500mlBike Special Oil Sonax:Excellent oil for derailleurs, brake levers and cables. Apply one drop of oil per hinge and let it suck in. Unhinge Bowden cables and apply product between coating and inner cable.Content: 50mlBike Silicon Chainoil Ultra:High-Quality lubricant for extreme stresses. Consists of 100% silicon. Solvent free, water- dust- and dirt repellant.Engineered in Germany by SONAXContent: 50mlBike Spraywax:Lastingly protects carbon, metal and painted parts on the bike against climatic influences. Produces a glossy protective layer on the surface. Reduces adhesion of dust and dirt.Engineered in Germany by SONAXContent: 300mlEngineered in Germany by SONAX

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