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Firebikes Warrior

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£ 294.00 each
Brand: Firebike Frames
Standard Colours

Firebikes Warrior

Product No: R0930

The name describes the frame best, Warrior. This solid steel construction is built from a 1.5 inch diamond tube and the rear stays are made out of 3/4 diamond tubes. The Headtube on the Warrior is 1 1/8th and the dropout is 120mm.Also as usual we have the built in firebikes seat post. All ends are capped for best corrision protection. Its up to you to use 24 inch or 26 inch wheels. Including Headbadge.Design by Sam McKay - Founder of FirebikesRuff Cycles engineers quality, durable and reliable custom bike frames. After 12 years of experience in the bicycles frame business we are very confident about our products. If you should run into any issues, which until now almost never happend, just let us know and we will find a solution in no time. Our products are made for a lifetime and we stand by them for a lifetime.Please note:All Ruff Cycles Frames are not constructed for motorized vehicles, no matter if its a combustion or electric engine. If the frame is used with any kind of engine it's warranty will expire immediately.

Additional Information

Rims 24", 26" with 65, 80, 100mm Width

Bottom bracket US / BMX

Head Tube 1 1/8"

Disc mounts Yes

Coaster Brakes Holder Yes

Colour Unpainted / Raw

Head Tube Length 135 mm

Seat Tube to Head Tube ∼850 mm

Seat Tube to Bottom Bracket ∼655 mm

Width between Chain stays 135 mm

Chain Links ∼184

Chain Length ∼2300 mm

Material Steel

Designer Sam McKay

Warranty Lifetime

Weight 8.5kg


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