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Ruff Cycles is a German bicycle frame and components manufacturer located in Regensburg, Germany - "Home of the Chives". It has recently extended the product range into apparel and is actively pushing its way to establishing the brand as a lifestyle stronghold.

The Product Strategy is tailored around four key dimensions: Design - Engineering Excellence - Handcrafted - at an affordable Price.

The Ruff brand aims at incorporating and absorbing extraordinary designs and turn them into high quality product concepts. Inspired by cruising and lowrider culture Ruff's range offers modules for customization purposes "Creative Nerd" as well as fully assembled out-of-the-box packages for the "Regular Commuter", who wants set herself/himself off against the pack.

As the first commercial vendor in the market to truly absorb the creative force behind custom and cruising bike culture, Ruff parts and frames have been the base for a gianormous array of outstanding custom-bike projects worldwide - all of them a work of art and an individual statement.

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Legend has it that Robs'Son Rims was born from the need to build bikes... We all get that right..!

Here's the Lowdown...

Once upon a time... there was a 17-year old boy who wasn’t able to resist the need to build his own custom bicycles. Not a cheap hobby because the parts were very expensive.

He always talked about this problem to his father and as he needed new rims again, both came to the opinion that it should be possible to get them cheaper!

The only way to get cheap stuff is to produce big quantities and so they placed an order to produce 1000 custom rims. Of course they only required two of them and so the father Robert (Rob) and his son Lukas founded the company Robs’son Rims to sell the other 998, and if they didn’t the company would die....

They still design and sell custom rims and intend to until the end of their lives!

This story began in 2009 and at that time they had just 3 different rims in 100 mm width in the product range. What's happened since then you can see on the Robs'Son Rims website.

Probably Robs’son is the supplier with the biggest and most colourful range of wide rims not only in Germany, but also worldwide.

They are still designing amazing custom fat rims for people with “little money” in the pocket!


We have done a deal that opens up the complete Chopper Dome catalogue to UK custom cycle fans.

Over the next few weeks we will be adding individual products to the site, in the meantime you can click through to The Chopper Dome website at to choose items for your ride and contact us to compare our prices.

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