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Cruiser bikes are an ideal choice for a Casual or Hobby Cyclist who likes something a little different. Comfort is an important consideration when it comes to cruisers as the original design was aimed at a slow, relaxing ride. Cruisers are generally stylish and functional with simplicity the order of the day, which helps to keep repairs to a minimum.

As with any form of transportation, customising has become popular bringing us Custom Cruisers in many different styles. As with all cruisers these bespoke custom cycles are built for comfortable cruising, and maximum head turn appeal.

The seat on your cruiser bike is a critical component for comfort. Being uncomfortable in the saddle is likely to make even the shortest rides a sore experience and you should never forget there's some sensitive stuff between your legs. For maximum comfort a seat with a wide base that matches your sitting bones will be the most comfortable and quickest to get used to, many cruisers can be seen with sprung saddles fitted which also helps to increase comfort. Remember, the more comfortable the saddle - the longer you can spend cruising...

The original Cruiser Cycles used an upright seated position to create a natural seated position for the rider and although many Custom Cruiser Cycles keep this set up Custom Cruisers are as the name suggests "Custom". This gives the designer freedom to produce adaptations that are close to the traditional cruiser, right through to anything they can imagine.

Tyres have always played an important role in the look of a cruiser. The forks and frames on a cruiser are designed to take wide balloon style tyres that run at low PSI which helps to give you a smooth ride over cracks and bumps. The wider footprint of these tyres also gives you better stability over soft ground, and they are more resistant to punctures caused by pinches against the rims. 

As with anything custom, adding a few accessories is a given, some add comfort to your ride whilst others add to the style. Adding fenders to your wheels can do both as they will keep spray off your back in the rain they also add more surface area for colour and design elements. Often custom cruisers mimic motorcycles so motorcycle style lights not only increase visibility and safety they are a great addition if this is the look you're going for.

Deciding on the type of cruiser bicycle that's right for you will depend largely on personal preference and how you plan to use it. For those that live in flat areas who will be making relatively short trips then any traditional cruiser will suit your needs. Those of us who like to make a statement with a custom ride should consider the everyday practicality of our design, with a traditional cruiser for the everyday stuff, then bring out our custom rides on special occasions and club meets.

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