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TSP Custom Cycle Frames

TSP Class and Wave
Price: From £230
Weight: 2.3kg
Sizes: 9 - 99cm
Rider height: 1.6 - 1.9 meters
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The Italian Job

TSP bring some Italian flair to custom cycles with these 2 choppers frames The Class and The Wave.

These frames have been created to offer a versatile and high class base for your custom chopper. When you get up close the first thing you notice is the quality of the construction, the tig welded cro-mo is very tidy, and the larger joints are very well ground down and polished helping to give these frames a high quality finish.

The next surprise is the weight, as solid as these frames are they feel light when compared to other high quality frames. Something to take in to consideration if you cruise anywhere other than the flatest promenades and waterfronts.

Though these frames have a distinct TSP family look they have individual style elements to offer you a choice to suit your chopper project.

The differences

The Class and Wave frames are available as the Class or Wave, Class/Wave T1 and Class/Wave T2.

All the Class frames share a straight bottom tube with the Class and Class T1 having a straight seat tube, the T2 has a curved forward facing seat tube. The head tube has a fairly neutral rake angle and measures a standard 1 1/8 inch diameter, so you can fit most cruiser, chopper and springer forks on the market.

The Wave frames are for those that are looking for a more extreme chopper look, the bottom bar is has a wave which gives the frame it's name and the seat tube is bent around the rear wheel.

The head tube has a more extreme rake angle and once again measures 1 1/8 inch in diameter so you can fit most on the market forks including TSP's own Double Crown, Springers and Demon forks, which are designed to take 4 inch tyres.

The Class and the Wave have an open top frame, the T1 has an open insert in the top frame and the T2 has a solid insert.

The rear brackets are substantial with 2 height settings and the TSP logo cut into one of them, the dual height gives you the ability to fit the larger 28 inch wheels.

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