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Forge Custom Cycles is under new ownership and welcomes customers old and new. The webshop will be live in the New Year but do hit us up on Facebook or Instagram as we are currently supplying a range of parts and accessories.

We have some great Xmas stocking fillers and may even have time to squeeze in a couple of custom builds in time for Xmas!

Our contact number is 07734 956552.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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 The 2015 Expo is being hosted by Primera Sports and is taking place at Bournemouth International Centre, Exeter Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5BH on the 21st November.

Forge Custom Cycles will be there..!

Come and get up close and personal with Ruff Cycles Hard Time, Porucho and Tango, as well as frames from TSP, Basman and Kahaki. We will also have selection of accessories and Kroozie Holders on show.

Learn about electric cruisers and HBBC...

Entry is free from 10am until 5pm

TSP Custom Cycle Frames

TSP Class and Wave
Price: From £230
Weight: 2.3kg
Sizes: 9 - 99cm
Rider height: 1.6 - 1.9 meters
TSP Page: Here


The Italian Job

TSP bring some Italian flair to custom cycles with these 2 choppers frames The Class and The Wave.

These frames have been created to offer a versatile and high class base for your custom chopper. When you get up close the first thing you notice is the quality of the construction, the tig welded cro-mo is very tidy, and the larger joints are very well ground down and polished helping to give these frames a high quality finish.

The next surprise is the weight, as solid as these frames are they feel light when compared to other high quality frames. Something to take in to consideration if you cruise anywhere other than the flatest promenades and waterfronts.

Though these frames have a distinct TSP family look they have individual style elements to offer you a choice to suit your chopper project.

The differences

The Class and Wave frames are available as the Class or Wave, Class/Wave T1 and Class/Wave T2.

All the Class frames share a straight bottom tube with the Class and Class T1 having a straight seat tube, the T2 has a curved forward facing seat tube. The head tube has a fairly neutral rake angle and measures a standard 1 1/8 inch diameter, so you can fit most cruiser, chopper and springer forks on the market.

The Wave frames are for those that are looking for a more extreme chopper look, the bottom bar is has a wave which gives the frame it's name and the seat tube is bent around the rear wheel.

The head tube has a more extreme rake angle and once again measures 1 1/8 inch in diameter so you can fit most on the market forks including TSP's own Double Crown, Springers and Demon forks, which are designed to take 4 inch tyres.

The Class and the Wave have an open top frame, the T1 has an open insert in the top frame and the T2 has a solid insert.

The rear brackets are substantial with 2 height settings and the TSP logo cut into one of them, the dual height gives you the ability to fit the larger 28 inch wheels.

Cruiser bikes are an ideal choice for a Casual or Hobby Cyclist who likes something a little different. Comfort is an important consideration when it comes to cruisers as the original design was aimed at a slow, relaxing ride. Cruisers are generally stylish and functional with simplicity the order of the day, which helps to keep repairs to a minimum.

As with any form of transportation, customising has become popular bringing us Custom Cruisers in many different styles. As with all cruisers these bespoke custom cycles are built for comfortable cruising, and maximum head turn appeal.

The seat on your cruiser bike is a critical component for comfort. Being uncomfortable in the saddle is likely to make even the shortest rides a sore experience and you should never forget there's some sensitive stuff between your legs. For maximum comfort a seat with a wide base that matches your sitting bones will be the most comfortable and quickest to get used to, many cruisers can be seen with sprung saddles fitted which also helps to increase comfort. Remember, the more comfortable the saddle - the longer you can spend cruising...

The original Cruiser Cycles used an upright seated position to create a natural seated position for the rider and although many Custom Cruiser Cycles keep this set up Custom Cruisers are as the name suggests "Custom". This gives the designer freedom to produce adaptations that are close to the traditional cruiser, right through to anything they can imagine.

Tyres have always played an important role in the look of a cruiser. The forks and frames on a cruiser are designed to take wide balloon style tyres that run at low PSI which helps to give you a smooth ride over cracks and bumps. The wider footprint of these tyres also gives you better stability over soft ground, and they are more resistant to punctures caused by pinches against the rims. 

As with anything custom, adding a few accessories is a given, some add comfort to your ride whilst others add to the style. Adding fenders to your wheels can do both as they will keep spray off your back in the rain they also add more surface area for colour and design elements. Often custom cruisers mimic motorcycles so motorcycle style lights not only increase visibility and safety they are a great addition if this is the look you're going for.

Deciding on the type of cruiser bicycle that's right for you will depend largely on personal preference and how you plan to use it. For those that live in flat areas who will be making relatively short trips then any traditional cruiser will suit your needs. Those of us who like to make a statement with a custom ride should consider the everyday practicality of our design, with a traditional cruiser for the everyday stuff, then bring out our custom rides on special occasions and club meets.


Ruff Cycles is a German bicycle frame and components manufacturer located in Regensburg, Germany - "Home of the Chives". It has recently extended the product range into apparel and is actively pushing its way to establishing the brand as a lifestyle stronghold.

The Product Strategy is tailored around four key dimensions: Design - Engineering Excellence - Handcrafted - at an affordable Price.

The Ruff brand aims at incorporating and absorbing extraordinary designs and turn them into high quality product concepts. Inspired by cruising and lowrider culture Ruff's range offers modules for customization purposes "Creative Nerd" as well as fully assembled out-of-the-box packages for the "Regular Commuter", who wants set herself/himself off against the pack.

As the first commercial vendor in the market to truly absorb the creative force behind custom and cruising bike culture, Ruff parts and frames have been the base for a gianormous array of outstanding custom-bike projects worldwide - all of them a work of art and an individual statement.

See our Ruff Cycles stock HERE...

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